Sprinkler System Installation, Service & Repair


We start the process with a precise measurement of your lawn. We then visit with you to learn more about your sprinkler needs. Once we are finished, we will put together a proposal that will include a custom sprinkler system design of your property.  You will also receive a booklet of literature that will help you understand the operation of your system.


A quality sprinkler system installation is just as important as a good design.  Only the highest quality products are used.  That is why we use Hunter Industries products.  Every system is required to have a backflow device installed.  When the pipe is pulled in we try to stay between 8-12″ under the soil.  All valve boxes and heads are installed flush with the soil and all connections are made with water proof wire connectors.  Our company policy on all installations is to make sure the yard is clean and picked up before we leave.  Most installs are completed in 1-2 days, depending on size of yard and soil type.

Head to Head Coverage

Some systems over water in some areas and under water in other areas. All sprinkler systems designed by Exclusive Lawns employ the matched precipitation concept using head to head coverage and matched precipitation on every head. This is how we install our sprinkler systems so that all parts of your lawn will be watered evenly.

001Optional Additions

  • Wireless Rain SensorThis will save money by preventing watering during the rain
  • Wireless Solar SyncThis turns your sprinkler system into a smart system, the system is set up and adjusts as needed automatically using collected data
  • Drip SystemThis is an in-ground line that allows you to water directly to the root zone




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